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  • Product code: KTT-220PA
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  • Origin: Vietnam

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                                                                                      POLYCOM SILANE XLPE – SIOPLAS® TWO STEPS TECHNOLOGY
KTT220PA is the product code of PolyCom XLPE compound with granule type using for insulation in
low voltage wire and cable production. Silane XLPE compound – Sioplas® technology (2 steps process) – with KTT220PA code is a latest product of PolyCom that mainly made of imported high-quality LLDPE and other suitable addictives such as: cross-linking agents, inititor, antioxidant, heat stabilizer, etc. and being produced from a closed production process of extruding and granulating under water.
KTT220PA complies with two components: Material A - 95% Silane grafted polyethylene; Material B: 5% Catalyst. Material should be used within 2 hours after mixing. Never using material if packaging bag is unsealed, broken or penetrated.
KTT220PA has some key features that inherited from previous Sioplas products lines such as: easy-to-use, simple processing steps, high productivity, reduce machine loading pressure, lower temperature settings, anti-stick, fast curing time in ambient weather temperature, much efficient for different cable insulation thickness sizes of low voltage cable production under 10KV.